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Princess Theme Party

Going to the Ball: This is a creative, princess memory game. Everyone must listen carefully to what each person says so they can repeat it when it is their turn.  The first person begins by saying, “I’m a princess, going to a ball and I must take an ….” They then must name an object that begins with the letter “A”, such as an apple. Then next person says, “I’m a princess, going to a ball and I must take an apple and a . . .” They then name an item that starts with a “B”. Continue throughout the whole alphabet.  The object is to remember all the objects players have mentioned. For very young players, they may need a bit of help. Or they may surprise you with their great memories and remind you of the items you have forgotten!


Dress the Princess: This princess party game is fun and often I hear a lot of giggles during the song.

Preparation: Gather princess dress-up items, such as a wrap, cape, tiara, etc. Supply enough blindfolds for everyone. Have some fun princess music ready. Divide the group into two teams. Choose one person on each team to be the princess.

Rules: Have the group’s princess sit on a chair in the middle of the group. Blindfold everyone else in the group. Supply all the dress-up items in the middle of the group. When the children hear the music, they should begin to dress the princess up in her finest. However, they are not allowed to talk. They have until the end of the song to make her as beautiful as possible. When the music is over, everyone can take their blindfolds off and look at how their princess is dressed. This is a princess party game that will be fun to capture on film. Make sure you have your camera ready for some truly hilarious shots.


Royal Messenger: Instruct the children to sit together in a circle. An adult whispers a princess sentence into the first child’s ear, such as “A royal princess must never forget to eat her chocolate strawberry daintily with her fingers.” The princess sentences are endless. Tailor your sentence to the age and abilities of your party guests. Keeping it simple like, “Princesses like to wear pretty dresses” may be appropriate for younger children.

That child must then whisper and repeat what she heard to the next child. Go all the way around the circle. The child at the end should then say the sentence out loud. It may be very different from what the adult began with. To enhance the Princess them, reserve our Disney Castle and use it as a palace to sit in as you play this game!

Disney Princess


Pin the Crown on the Princess: This is a classic princess party game that is easy, fun and sure to please the royal crowd.

Preparation: Draw a princess on a large sheet of paper. Tape the paper to the wall. Draw and cut out several crowns. Gather masking tape to attach the crowns. Supply enough blindfolds for each guest.

Rules: Pass out a crown to every guest and instruct everyone to write their name on their crown. Give everyone a piece of masking tape. Blindfold the first child. Spin her once or twice and instruct her to place the crown on the princess’s head. Repeat with each child. At the end, the crown closest to the right spot is the winner. A prize could be a dress-up tiara.


Princess Says: Choose the first princess. The princess gives the players commands to do certain things like dance around the room, blow kisses, take a bow, etc. However the guests are only to follow the instructions if the princess first says “Princess Says”. An example would be “Princess says take a bow.” The guests would then follow the instructions. However, if the command was “Take a bow”, the guests should not follow the instructions. If a child follows the instructions without hearing “Princess says”, she is out of the game. The last person left in the game is the winner and becomes the next princess.


Missing Treasures: This princess party game requires a good memory and good guessing. Gather small items a princess would use, such as a tiara, jewelry, mirror, purse, brush, etc. Set the items on a table. Make sure you have one item for each player. Instruct everyone to study the objects on the table. Select one person to turn around (or leave the room). Point to another player sitting at the table. This player will silently take one object and hide it in her lap. The first child then comes back and attempts to guess what object is missing and who took it.


I’m A Princess: Start by sitting everyone in a circle. The first player begins the game by making a princess movement, such as taking a curtsy. The next player must curtsy first and then do something else a princess would do. Each player must remember and repeat each princess movement before adding her own. Ideas a princess might do include a curtsying, smiling, waving, singing, dancing, blowing a kiss, etc.


Princess Dance Teacher: This is a musical princess party game. Gather princess music and CD player. Choose one person to leave the room. Among the remaining girls, choose the princess dance teacher. This person will be in charge of introducing new dance steps to the group.

The first player comes back and the music starts. She must watch the group carefully to determine who the princess dance teacher is. When she guesses correctly, the dance teacher is the next to leave the room.  No matter what princess party games you choose for your party, always be mindful of the age and attention span of guests. Games rarely last longer than ten minutes, so be prepared with 2 or 3 games or activities. Prior preparation is also a key ingredient in a successful party.


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